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Teeth Whitening in Woodbridge, ON

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Reveal Your Brightest Smile With Teeth Whitening in Woodbridge, Vaughan & Toronto!

One of the easiest, most effective ways to address a dull smile is to visit your dentist for professional teeth whitening. The dental team at the Sabharwal Dental Group offer two outstanding ways to remove stains and reveal patients’ brightest smiles: custom tray whitening for home use, and professional in-office “laser” whitening.

Addressing our patients’ concerns, we seek excellence of care. Tooth whitening treatment is one that we approach with each person’s individual needs in mind. Care planned for you will be based on your personal desires and situation discussed in your initial consultation for smile enhancement. It is important to us that we listen carefully to our patients’ needs before performing our in-depth evaluation to determine the extent and type of discolouration.

Causes of discolouration are not a problem for the Sabharwal Dental Group’s dental team.

Most people notice at some point that their smile has changed colour. : it has either dulled, yellowed or stained. The ultimate cause of discolouration is the structure of enamel. While very strong, enamel also has thousands of microscopic pores through which colorants or dyes of food and beverages may enter. Over time, the accumulation of these colorants or dyes makes the smile look dull, yellow or even stained. Smokers may experience brown discolouration resulting from chemicals in cigarettes. These common issues are not a problem for our experienced dentists and hygienists. With the right product and the correct technique, we will help you feel great about your smile.

Teeth Whitening Services at Sabharwal Dental Group

Tray whitening has been a popular treatment option for several years. The convenience and safety of home whitening is excellent. Trays are made from a custom model of your teeth. This means they will fit well and keep the whitening gel from escaping. When trays have been made, you will receive them along with a supply of whitening gel and instructions for use at home. As each day goes by, you will notice your smile transforming from dull to gorgeously bright.

In-office whitening is an expedited process through which stains are removed in about half an hour to an hour, depending on the discoloration at the outset. After protecting the gums and lips, we apply professional grade whitening solution to the teeth. This solution is then activated with a “laser” light, maximizing its power to break up stain molecules from the tooth’s enamel. If needed for optimal results, the process may be repeated comfortably, during the same office visit. Teeth whitening is best performed by your dentist. Commercial whitening kits do not have the same strength as professionally administered whitening solutions and therefore cannot give you the smile you really want. Contact the Sabharwal Dental Group to schedule your teeth whitening treatment today.