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Root Canals in Woodbridge, ON

Treatment of root canals under a microscope, work with an assistant. Modern technology


Tooth damage can occur in a number of stages and in a number of ways. Our preference is to see patients right away should an uncomfortable dental situation occur. The sooner you see your dentist, the more likely it is that tooth damage can be repaired with conservative care such as a filling or dental crown. If an infection develops in the nerve of a tooth, the most appropriate form of care may be root canal therapy.

Root canals are often associated with discomfort. Root canal therapy itself does not cause pain. What causes pain is the infection in pulp or nerve tissue. In many cases, patients are forced into dental care by unrelenting, intense pain. The reason that a dental infection is so painful is that infected dental pulp tissue lies within stiff and rigid tooth; unlike the rest of the body where an infected area can swell and enlarge, infected dental pulp is constrained to within the tooth. Therefore intense pressure builds up in the tooth causing excruciating pain. Pain is not the only complication of a dental infection. If not treated, diseased pulp can lead to an abscess or even tooth loss.

Root canal therapy is a form of endodontic care through which we can eliminate painful infection and preserve natural tooth structure. Infection is identified via diagnostic imaging, specialized dental tests as well as the patient’s signs and symptoms. Your dentist at the Sabharwal Dental Group is happy to answer your questions about the origin of dental infections, the complications that may come from infection, and the process of treatment with root canal treatment.

The goal of root canal treatment is to remove disease causing bacteria from the innermost parts of the infected tooth. The procedure takes place with local anesthetic which numbs the appropriate oral tissues for a comfortable process. Access to the inner chamber of the tooth is made after damaged tooth material has been removed. In the pulp chamber, precise instruments and meticulous techniques are used to remove the diseased tissue. Our team provides the utmost in care. Sabharwal Dental Group uses a high powered dental microscope which allows our dentists to completely view the fine anatomical detail present in a tooth’s pulp complex.

Once the canals have been mechanically cleaned or debrided of diseased tissue, special sterilizing solution is applied to irrigate the root canal complex. This liquid permeates the canals to destroy bacteria and further chemically cleanse to canals. Special endodontic filling material is then placed into the canals, thereby sealing them and preventing entry of bacteria.

Teeth treated with root canal therapy may become brittle over time due to the removal of the pulp tissues which include nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrients to the tooth. For this reason, root canal therapy is often followed with the placement of a custom fitted dental crown.

With root canal therapy at the Sabharwal Dental Group, it is possible to quickly restore comfort and functionality to a tooth. Contact any one of our offices today to schedule your visit with our friendly, professional team.