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Pediatric Dentistry in Woodbridge, ON

Dr Sabharwal Providing Pediatric Dentistry

Dental care should begin at a very young age. Although baby teeth are replaced, it is important that they receive routine care both at home and in our Woodbridge, Toronto or Vaughan dental practices. As soon as teeth have begun to erupt, parents are encouraged to consult with their dentist to identify the best care practices. Between the ages of six to twelve months, as teeth grow in, parents benefit greatly from support on the routine care of baby teeth. At this time, children can become acquainted with their future dentist by accompanying a parent on their routine check-ups. Personal care for children is made easier through this step, which sets the stage for their own visits beginning around the age of three.

Early dentistry is focused primarily on familiarizing children with the dental office and on the prevention of dental problems with education, and preventive treatments such as cleanings and fluoride. Proper home care is an integral part of smile maintenance for children. Parents may discuss with anyone of our experienced dentists and hygienists the challenges they encounter with their children; we will identify and recommend methods of achieving optimal hygiene at home. The dental team at the Sabharwal Dental Group also provides the full extent of restorative care for children, including fillings and pediatric endodontic care if needed.

Pediatric dental care provided at Sabharwal Dental Group is based on the child. Every child will develop their teeth on their own schedule. Additionally, the number, size, and order of teeth will vary from person to person. Although baby teeth are only in the smile for a relatively short time, they fulfill a very important role in the development of healthy dentition.

The Sabharwal Dental Group is proud to provide services to children of all ages that focus on the creation of positive dental experiences. Our staff understands the importance of nurturing in a fun, light-hearted environment. Statistics show that children who begin dental care early and have positive experiences maintain healthier smiles throughout their entire lifetime. A single bad experience, on the other hand, can create a lifetime of anxiety related to dental care.

One of the benefits of bringing your child to Sabharwal Dental Group is that our team understands how to create the right atmosphere for various situations. Children may inherently feel apprehensive to see the dentist simply due to the fact that the experience is unfamiliar. It is for this reason that care in the early years of tooth development is so impactful of future care. A second reason to choose our family-friendly practice for your children is that it gives them the opportunity for an excellent continuum of care that extends through adulthood.

We can give you the tools and support to build strong smiles. Schedule your visit with our friendly team at our Toronto, Woodbridge or Vaughan Clinic.