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Woodbridge, ON patients ask, “Where can I find porcelain crowns for teeth near me?”

crowns image

Do you have chipped teeth? Do you have gaps from missing teeth? If you answered “yes” to either question, dental crowns may be an answer. Crowns are used to restore a cracked or broken tooth or to cover a dental implant. With an office in Woodbridge, ON, Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal of Sabharwal Dental Group offers lustrous porcelain crowns. Benefits of porcelain crowns Both functionally and aesthetically speaking, there are numerous benefits to porcelain crowns: Achieving a natural appearance. Porcelain crowns are custom created to match the surrounding teeth in color, shape, and size. This makes the crown blend in seamlessly … Continue reading

Where can I find laser teeth whitening near me in Woodbridge, ON?

find laser teeth whitening

Over time our lifestyles impact our teeth. The foods we eat, the way we take care of our teeth, and more, can discolor our enamel. Patients in Woodbridge, ON, who are searching for “laser teeth whitening near me,” can visit Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal of Sabharwal Dental Group. Teeth whitening has gained popularity. It is an easy way to return the natural glow to your smile. Our office understands the importance of a healthy smile. We offer two treatments that provide quality professional whitening. Our whitening options include: In-office laser whitening – Professional whitening that is performed by your dentist. At … Continue reading

Patients teeth are protected with filling materials after root canal therapy near me in Toronto, ON

protected with filling materials after root canal therapy

Tooth pain can strike when you least expect it. Dental treatment is necessary to accurately assess the issue and to determine the proper method of treatment. An infected tooth requires attention immediately to prevent further damage. A root canal using effective endodontic filling materials may be performed to save and properly seal the tooth. With two Toronto locations, Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal and his team at Sabharwal Dental Group are available to safely and comfortably walk you through the root canal process. Expectations during a root canal Patients needing root canal treatment may have developed an infection or trauma in the … Continue reading

Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal in Woodbridge offers quality comprehensive care

Woodbridge offers quality comprehensive care

The Sabharwal Dental Group strives to make the patient experience as comfortable and convenient as possible. We are located in Woodbridge as well as Toronto, serving patients of all ages from young children to senior adults. We understand the importance of having all of your needs met under one roof. We have the skills, training, and expertise to transform smiles with both dental and orthodontic treatments. Misaligned teeth can be embarrassing and affect self-esteem. Fortunately, thanks to advances in dentistry and orthodontics, patients do not have to live with misalignment or decreased confidence when smiling. Seeking treatment for misaligned teeth … Continue reading

Patients seek a dentist in Toronto area who can transform smiles with cosmetic treatments

seek a dentist in Toronto area who can transform smiles with cosmetic treatments

People often keep their oral health in good condition when they love their smiles. This is critical because oral health can affect the whole body. Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal, a respected dentist at the Sabharwal Dental Group in the L4H 2J2 area, understands the importance of healthy and beautiful smiles. Men and women seek his expertise when they want to have their smiles rejuvenated. Dr. Sabhrawal and our team provide cosmetic treatments that can restore natural beauty to smiles. We offer the following cosmetic treatments: Teeth whitening – We strive to provide the most convenient and comfortable treatments possible. Our at-home … Continue reading

An affordable way to makeover your appearance with cosmetic dentistry in Toronto

affordable way to makeover your appearance

Let’s face it. Our smile has the ability to give our confidence a much needed boost, or it can cause us to feel self-conscious and insecure. Sometimes getting a smile you can proudly show off is as easy as simple whitening treatment or a short period of orthodontics. Other times it requires several procedures. Determining which treatments are necessary and in which order to complete them is an important decision. Patients looking for a smile makeover often turn to Dr. Vageesh Sabharwal of the esteemed cosmetic dentistry professionals, Sabharwal Dental Group, for help in achieving the smile they want. Dr. … Continue reading

Patients Near Our Vaughan Dental Clinic Learn About Gum Recession

Vaughan Dental Clinic Learn About Gum Recession

Gum recession is a problem that we see all the time. Many people who have this problem don’t even know it. Because of the consequences of gum recession, it is important to know the factors that increase risk, and where to turn for help. Receding gums are often associated with gum disease. This is because infection in the gums causes the tissue to break down and pull away from the teeth. The longer gum disease goes without proper treatment, the more gums recede and the greater the risk of tooth loss. While gum disease may be a significant factor in … Continue reading

Dr. Sabharwal Offers Cosmetic Dental Makeovers At His Dental Clinic In Toronto

Cosmetic Dental Makeovers At His Dental Clinic In Toronto

If you don’t love the smile you see in the mirror, you can visit Dr. Sabharwal at his dental clinic for a smile makeover. We can address issues with the appearance of your teeth and help restore functionality. If you are dealing with missing, cracked, stained, or improperly aligned teeth, you should consider the benefits of a smile makeover. SMILE MAKEOVERS CAN CONSIST OF SEVERAL DIFFERENT SERVICES: Porcelain Veneers – Veneers are the perfect option for patients who have cracked, chipped, or stained teeth. Thin strips of porcelain are bonded to the front of your teeth to improve the smile. … Continue reading

Patients Seek A Dentist In Woodbridge Who Offers Root Canal Treatment

Woodbridge Who Offers Root Canal Treatment

Many patients are seeking a dentist who will help them keep their smiles healthy and attractive. At Sabharwal Dental Group, we have a team of dentists who do all they can to encourage good oral hygiene and healthy habits. Our team encourages brushing at least twice a day, flossing before bedtime, and maintaining dental check-ups at least every six months. Despite the best oral hygiene practices, mouth trauma can lead to tooth infection. When a tooth has become infected, we can often save it with a root canal. Our patients can schedule an appointment with one of our caring dentists … Continue reading

Dental Team In Woodbridge, On Highlights The Importance Of Treatments That Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Smile

Importance Of Treatments That Enhance The Aesthetics Of The Smile

At the Sabharwal Dental Group in Woodbridge and Toronto, ON, we understand people want appealing and beautiful smiles. While cosmetic dentistry is focused on the aesthetics of the smile, we notice several changes in patients’ lives after their treatments. One of the most popular treatments in cosmetic dentistry is teeth whitening. We are happy to explain the teeth whitening treatments we offer and the importance of gorgeous smiles. GOING AFTER THE SMILE OF YOUR DREAMS A beautiful smile can attract others to you. The smile is one of the first features people notice when meeting each other. Your smile can … Continue reading